Sometimes going to court is the only way to properly enforce your legal rights and the attorneys at Reed Mawhinney & Link know how to develop and implement litigation strategies in your best interests.

Contract Disputes

Contracts are supposed to outline the duties and obligations of each party in a transaction. Sometimes unforeseen matters arise that aren’t contemplated in the contract and the parties can’t come to an agreement on how resolve the matter. A qualified attorney can interpret the contract and invoke other legal theories to represent your best interests.


When borrowers don’t pay their mortgage loan payments it sometimes becomes necessary to foreclosure on their property. The process is very regimented and having an attorney well versed in the process ensures the foreclosure process moves along as expeditiously as possible.

Business Disputes

A business dispute can arise in many ways. Whether it is between two businesses or between a business and a customer the dispute can seriously disrupt a business’ operations. Allow Reed, Mawhinney & Link help keep operations as normal as possible as they negotiate and attempt to resolve the dispute.

Eminent Domain

Simply put, eminent domain is the right of a government or its agent to “take” private property for public use, with payment of compensation. If you find yourself involved in an eminent domain situation, allow the attorneys of Reed, Mawhinney & Link to ensure you receive just compensation for the “taking” of your land.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Before going to court you may consider pursuing alternative dispute resolution approaches such as mediation and arbitration. Reed Mawhinney & Link attorney Joe Mawhinney is a Florida Supreme Court certified mediator who is prepared to represent you in the mediation process or serve as the mediator in your dispute. Please contact our office for more information about our mediation services, fee schedule and calendar availability.